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PL MD32: Manchester United v Aston Villa

5910 Views 95 Replies 48 Participants Last post by  abojodeh

Barclays English Premiership
Saturday, 29th March 2008
KO: 17:15 GMT
Old Trafford, Manchester
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I'm United Fan from Slovenia and I will hopefully come to this match at Old Trafford. I will be there for the first time and I will have a bigger flag, I have a ticket for Stretford End and I would like to know if it is possible to hang out the flag there?
Thanks for any information and
regards from Slovenia
they hard a hard side to beat, and they are dangerous with set pieces. but playing at home, we should have a comfortable win, just dun concede from set pieces.
ferguson may send a weakened side with his mind on the roma game, but we should come through it. i would take any three points
2-0 United although it will be a tough match.

Ronaldo to score. Lads will need to be up for it big time.
i feel ronaldo won't start this one. rooney is due a goal so i say 2-0 rooney wit both.
If we as we played Againts Liverpool we will win again 3-0

tough game

good performance against liverpool will be passed on into each and every game if we are to win the league this season.

3 - 1 united (Y)
it wont be easy but 2-0 the final scoreline rooney and anderson
I think Rooney will score this time..lets hope he doesn't come back injured from international duty! Ronaldo and Nani will be rested since they pulled out from the Portugal game and Giggs, Scholes, and Carrick will all be at OT so we should not have that slump in form or that excuse they are too tired from international games because we can field a whole midfield who did not participate in the international games :)

We should win this won no matter what! We beat them twice this season at their ground and at OT it should be no problem. We have a huge squad to chose from and we can't drop anymore points so I say at least 2-0. We need to take the lead then subsitute our main players for the Roma trip.
tevez and rooney upfront hopefully and i hope we destory them with our movement and penetration. If Ronaldo is carrying any minor knocks, hopefully he'll be rested for the Roma game because its not worth the risk with our best player and i think we're good enough to win this game in our current form and momentum with ronaldo having a little rest on the bench.
Going for Rooney to score, comfortable win since we are at home... The currect form for Aston Villa is very bad... But on defence wise we still have to keep a lookout for their pacy attacking football.
Rooney & Tevez will score. Ronnie should be rested for the game.
I can see a weaker team being used for this game with the likes of: O'Shea and Fletcher both starting never the less i still feel we will win so i will say:


Rooney (Due a goal)
i see a 2-0 game for us with rooney and hmmmmmm....ronaldo scoring for us...
Personally, I hope that the lin-up will turn out like this ;)

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I've got a ticket for this one - NE quadrant for the 3rd time in a row. Looks like they printed the tickets before the fixture was moved back to Saturday though :rolleyes:

Villa are having a good season but seem to have gone off the boil in recent weeks. We should have too much for them at OT but I'm expecting a tight game.

It's important we keep winning games until we face Arsenal & Chelsea. We don't want either of them to have the chance to go above us by beating us when we play them.
We will win 4-0

Ronaldo x 2
Rooney (finally)
hopefully resting ronaldo and using saha up front

2-0 win.
id really like rooney, saha or anderson to score.......any two of these i will be happy, they all need goals in my opinion!
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