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Will Ronaldo Start Against Chelsea?

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This is the team i would like to see:





I'd pick Evans because i think he has a lot of class and he's god enough.
Throw him in and he will be the better for it. Something to prove and young
and fearless. Plus Gary doesnt look to be back where he needs to be.

I think we need to have three strong across midfield. Ronaldo can be given
license to switch whenever he feels fit and to roam around and cause confusion.
Sit Fletcher in front of the back 4 and tell Hargo to get down the right when he

I would really go with either Tevez or Rooney up front and i'm probably been
unfair puttin Rooney in ahead of Tevez on form so far this season but i really
wanna see Rooney play off Berbatov. I also think Tevez is more effective off the
bench than Rooney is.

I'd also like really to play Nani one wing and Ronaldo on the other. Thats
the way we traditionally play and my perfered way but for the day thats in it i
think midfield needs more steel. Chelsea have a seriously strong three in midfield
and we can't afford to be light there and get over run. So therefore i'd like
Fletcher to play along with Hargo to hold the centre most of the time while
Scholes pulls the strings and isn't forced to try and work to get the ball more than
gettin on it.

I honestly think we can beat Chelsea tomorrow. We are most dangerous when
we're down and being question. Fergie will drum it into the players tomorrow that
they have to prove why they are champions and plus there is nothing more we
would like than to stop the Chelsea home undefeated record.

So bring on tomorrow and lets rip into them!!
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