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Will Ronaldo Start Against Chelsea?

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mather23 said:
Rooney's ball to Evra for the goal was a good end product. To be honest I can't be bothered arguing with you, it was a good performance and Rooney was one of our best players - you are clearly a fairweather fan who expects us to batter teams in every game.
I take that as a personal insult but I will choose to overlook it. But I doubt that is the correct meaning of fairweather as in your context.

Yes, I always hope and "expect us to batter teams in every game" because I am a passionate fan who believes in us and wants us to succeed badly and continuously. Besides we are United, the reigning Double champions. And with the players we've got, we should attempt to dominate, not passively and meekly surrendering initiative, hanging on to a slender lead and just defending the rest of the game for dear life, and waiting for accidents to happen. Negative seldom pays. When will we ever learn?!

P.S. Btw Rooney was not even the focus of my post.

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christianoharleiro said:
Wrong mather23, you have no clue.

Rooney was one of the worst players on the pitch.

How many times did rooney give the ball away?

The negatives far outway the positives, the only 3 good things I saw him do were these:

1 good pass to Evra
Tracked back twice.
15x possesion loss
screaming at teammates when hes far worse
losing his temper, getting told by ferguson to calm down and then goes and gives away a free kick and gets booked. which leads to a goal

It's about time Rooney grew up, it seems him being young, having a reputation like he does, everyone hyping him up has gone to his head. Because of this he has the arrogance to shout at his teammates when he really needs to take a look at his own performance and previous performances this season.
what are you talking about, rooney was one of the only bright spots of the game, his winning of the ball and causing danger, the problem that the team had was not rooney, but rather our extremely weak midfield, and the fact that he doesnt really have that chemistry with berbatov, that he has with tevez.

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what are you talking about, rooney was one of the only bright spots of the game, his winning of the ball and causing danger, the problem that the team had was not rooney, but rather our extremely weak midfield, and the fact that he doesnt really have that chemistry with berbatov, that he has with tevez.
rooney was a bright spot. right. did you watch the game or just go on what other typical biased thick rooney-is-god fans say?

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A lot of positives to take from this game despite conceding a late goal, which was
always going to come if we are being fair.
It was a predictable scoreline with the 2 best teams in Europe slugging it out.
We defended extremely well at times and young Evans did very well as did Rio,
Evra (my MOTM) and the returning captain Neville. There were some groans all
around Im sure when he was on the team sheet but he repayed the managers faith.

A point a SB is excellent and we are only beginning to go through the gears.
October will be our month and th eplayers that need more games will get them.

Lets not forget that Nev, Berba, Hargo and Ronaldo all need more games, so under
the circumstances we did well. Park and Hargo were great on the wings tracking
back and Fletch did well in the middle.

At least now we have got 3 very difficult away games out of the way and we can
now concentrate on moving up the table.

A few disappointments would have been Ronaldo's dive and Rooney giving away
that free kick right after Fergie had bawled him out of it for dwelling too long on the ball.
The game was crying out for Tevez to come on for Berbatov, but it wasnt to be.

All in all, a good point and Chelsea dont extend their lead.
Bring on Bolton at home where I predict a riot.
the players will be raring to go and will do a job Im sure.

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^^^Don;t forget VDS's dogyness...:rolleyes:

Defence was great as said....I'm happy with it all....beat Fulham, and we're four
points behind so thats nowt at this stage!

The FA pulled a fast one on us with fixtures, but we came out smiling! :D...

As Rooney said on MUTV, we had to go to three of the toughest places in the
opening 4 games, Pompey, Liverpool and Chelsea so thats a great plus to take 4
points from that despite loosing 5.

Only thing that really annoys me now, is the opeing game TBH, but we're on the
right patch...;)

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Rooney is attacking and defending at the same time. He runs backs when we need to defend and he is one of the best players stealing the ball. After he does that he is attacking in a blink of an eye. I don't understand how he covers so much territory. Why we do not appreciate him when he is doing all the dirty work for United that Scholes should be doing. What if he missed the shoot to goal ! He saved our ass like 3 times in the game. People do not realize that.

Cheeers to Rooney.

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A draw at Stamford Bridge is a great result. Slightly disappointed that we didn't hold onto the lead and that we conceded from a set-piece. However, I'd definitely have taken a point before the game.

I thought we played well in patches but we are looking a bit suspect at the back. We were very lucky that Anelka didn't score, VDS looks like he's forgotten how to catch a football and Neville looks like he'll struggle against anyone with pace this season.

We've got 2 very tough away matches out of the way now so hopefully now we can kick on and start picking up some wins. It's great to have Ronaldo back, Rooney is looking good and we all know what Tevez can do. Berbatov hasn't really got going yet but after only 2 games, against 2 of the best teams in the league, it's far too early to judge him.

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I know very well Berbatov. Do not expect the best of him this month and may be the next one too. He was the big star in Totenham, but now situation is differant and he has to prove himself. He has never played well in autumn, if you do not beleive see his results previous 2 years. Mitko knows very well that United is a big challenge and he will do his best to justify all our expectations in near future. Just give him a chance.

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What do you think if Terry lose his red card appeal and carvalho is injured in this match, who should be their center back....alex and..........

We should have win this game....even with terry and alex they cannot beat us so there is an improvement for ManUtd where last time they meet at stamford bridge we lost that game but now a draw but should be a win....
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