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Will Ronaldo Start Against Chelsea?

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I'd probably line-up like this:


Chelsea's pitch is narrow, so we should probably crowd the midfield. I can see us taking a defensive approach to this one, and it's going to be tough, I'd take a point tbh.

I'd like Ronaldo to start, and Park too. I mean the alternatives are Giggs or Nani, who haven't found form thus far this term. Plus, Park's an underrated player, a lot of energy and a decent work-rate. At the back, it's Brown moving central for me, a lot of people want Hargreaves to play at right-back, but with no Carrick, the midfield will lack aggression so it's best Owen plays there. The rest of the team is pretty much self-explanatory. I've learned that perhaps it's best not to play Rooney on the wing recently. Rather him on the bench, than playing out of position. Berbatov's still new, and throwing him in at the deep-end for a second successive week isn't wise. So it leaves our only effective forward so far this season, Tevez to start alone up top, with plenty of support from Ronaldo and Park.

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Guys guys guys......What's with all the pessimism???!
Yeah its not been the greatest start ever to a season but it's not that bad. We've had worse and won trophies!!!

Just to point out firstly to a couple of you that Carrick is out for 6 weeks so will not be in our midfield on Sunday :p But also that UTD are THE TEAM who stop runs and records, denying both sides of Mersyside doubles and trebles over the years, stopping Arsenal and Chelsea's long unbeaten runs to name but a few, and i really really fancy us in the face of (supposed) adversity to finally end Chelski's long unbeaten home record. I know most of you will probably think that I'm crazy for even thinking it but I really do think we'll nick a win. UTD have often produced their very very best moments and performances when having a 'bit of a tough time'. Just remember our form before we stopped Arsenal on 49 in a row.

We are/will be fine, we have added quality to what was an already double winning squad and have IMO the best team in Europe still, it just sadly hasn't quite clicked together yet thats all. It wouldn't surprise me at all to go out on to the pitch on Sun and ride our luck a bit, soak up a fair bit of undoubted pressure for long spells, (lets not forget just how good Chelski are at home) but to grab a winner (0-1 or 1-2 I predict). There would be no greater warning to the league or statement of intent if we were to get 3 points at the bridge coming off of the result at Anfield and our patchy form so far this season.
I think SAF should go with a solid team to start with minutes under thier belts and let things settle down and then introduce the likes of CR and Roon.
To beat Chelski you have to beat their midfield, if their midfield doesn't work then THEY don't work, hence we should IMO start with....







Packing the midfied with experience and battlers in Ander and Owen will stop Chelski being able to run the game at their pace and add in Tevez as a kinda 5th midfielder dropping in and getting in amongst the play, tackling, harrying and getting in their faces, UTD can cut off their main supply to the front. We all remember Anderson having Lampard, Gerrard and Cesc in his pocket last season so he is vital for us, he must have a good game. Deco is a bit of a baby and if you get stuck in to him you just know that he'll spit his dummy out and play poorly, UTD will give a REAL welcome to the premier League! and who better than Giggs and Scholes with their wise old heads to keep things together and wind up the opposition?? With DB up front you have the perfect player to get AND KEEP the ball when we do get it and bring the likes of Scholes, Giggs and Tevez into play in their third of the pitch. The one thing we can't afford to do is chase the game and the ball!
Keep it tight at 0-0 (always with the chance of nicking a goal) and then bring on Ron, Roon and Nani to really attack the game (Scholes and Giggs can't last much more than 45 mins against Chelski these days) and give Chelski something to really think about, those 3 could make a HUGE impact on a tight game, and could prove to be the catalyst for a UTD win, where as if we start with CR and we don't really produce anything then we are gonna find ourselves a bit short on ideas, and Chelski would thrive on the fact.

it's gonna be tough to keep a clean sheet at the bridge (as always) without Vidic, but I really do fancy a UTD win, 1-2 or even 2-3. WELL I HOPE!!!!!!!

Never underestimate Manchester United!! :D :D

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CROoney said:
i was a bit disappointed with the crowd reception tbh...they reacted as if they're so gratefull he decided to stick around with their small's like he's becoming bigger than the club...
he can talk all he wants but we all know what he said
CRO I think the reason for his good reception was mostly because the team has been struggling and he is a player who can turn things around for us. When he came on he made a big difference to the attitude of the team and we certainly looked more like scoring. I don't like what happened over the summer but he is an awesome footballer so I am just very excited at the prospect of him and Berbatov in the same line-up on Sunday. I know that there are not many people giving us a chance on Sunday, but with these kind of players in our line-up anything is possible.

i wouldnt bet on us for this one unfortunately, not with our squad in tatters atm. Chelsea can afford to lose a portion of their squad and back them up with equally talented players, we cant atm, and without our fully fit squad i cant see a way to beat them, we really will be counting on individual brilliance to do so.

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chelsea look hot on form at minute and we sadly dont in any department

i was hoping for 4 pts from the liversc*m/chel$ki games and now will gladly take one point on sunday, 3pts would be amazing at minute as i feel chelsea are still our main rivals over Liverpool and Arsenal.

And for the people having a go at the response to Ronaldo's return. He is after all the World's Player of the Year in waiting. What ever he said or didnt say, only he will know as we all know press talk utter garbage at times.

He is United's and whether the Ronaldo haters wanna admit it or not, We need him right now!!!!

Viva Ronaldo, Viva Ronaldo!!!!!

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Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo warns Chelsea 'bullies' to stay clear

Cristiano Ronaldo has warned Chelsea that he will not tolerate any bullying tactics against him as he prepares to make his Premier League comeback in Sunday's decisive clash at Stamford Bridge.


"I'll do my damage as usual by paying them all back with my goals," said Ronaldo, who won the coveted European Balloon D'or prize after scoring 42 goals last term.

"I know that the attempts to intimidate me on the pitch will start again immediately – but everyone finds sooner or later that it is difficult to make me lose my rag.

"I'll be booted again but I will not kick out when it happens. I'm tough and, again, it's all just part of the spectacle."

'I'll do my damage as usual by paying them all back with my goals.'

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We Cannot Afford To Lose, Says Fletcher

Manchester United's Scottish midfielder Darren Fletcher, who has so far scored twice in the new campaign, believes that losing to Chelsea on Sunday is an unthinkable concept and something United can ill afford to do.

Manchester United have recorded four points out of a possible nine thus far in the Premier League. Should Chelsea get the better of the reigning champions on Sunday, like Liverpool did last weekend, then the Stamford Bridge side will stretch their lead over United to nine points, and the Red Devils will be languishing in the lower reaches of the bottom half of the table.

Darren Fletcher insists that considering their stuttering start to the new season, another loss is something Manchester United cannot afford to do. He told the Times Online: "After losing against Liverpool we can't afford to lose too much ground in the Premier League..........
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