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BALROG said:
OH YEAH !if we can pull 2 or 3 on these
, this seasons goal feast should start
this sunday at old t.
punks lol

balrog i've just watched some mls games on tv over here with the american commentry i have to say it made me piss can't they watch european football to get the jist of the lingo instead of making there own shit up

here's just a few i heard;
the combover= header flicked on
the spinning cobra= curling free kick
PK= penalty
i could go on but my cheeks are hurting :)

right back to business the chelsea game
i agree with redevil they could come out either way, on SSN today they was saying players stayed behind after training practising attacking moves. oh please be true i would love them to come to OT and take the game to us, we would rip to them pieces. but they will prob come for the draw but i fully expect us to beat them sunday.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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