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FC Barcelona

Valdes – 6: Did not have too much to do apart from pick the ball out of his own net after Baptista scored.

Puyol – 5.5: Looked ill at ease against Robinho, though he just about managed to hold his own. A forgettable El Clasico for the Barcelona skipper.

Marquez – 5: Completely lost his bearings to allow Julio Baptista past him, and looked out of sorts every time Real Madrid went on the counter-attack.

Milito – 6.5: Was a lot more composed than Puyol and Marquez, and probably saved his team from a bigger defeat. Did well to keep Raul quiet.

Abidal – 7: Was his usual solid self on the left, and repeatedly ran past Ronaldinho, only for the Brazilian to refuse to use him and give the ball away instead.

Toure – 6.5: Did his part of the job in the defensive sense, but the inability to make quick passes was exposed by a snappy Madrid midfield.

Deco – 3: Was he on the pitch? One has to wonder why he was handed a start when Eidur Gudjohnsen has played some of his best games in a Barcelona shirt recently!

Xavi – 6.5: Was up against a very physical Madrid midfield, but managed to hold his own. Not a poor display by any means, but he was just not given the time to produce those special passes.

Iniesta – 7.5: Once again Barcelona's best player on the pitch, and the only one who actually skipped past a few Real Madrid players and made some bursting runs.

Eto'o – 6: Started strong, but faded away as the game progressed. Had a couple of great moments, but average by and large.

Ronaldinho – 5: Did precious little of note apart from the one shot in the first half. Was given a lot of the ball before the break, but most of his passes were woefully off the mark. Barely even touched the ball after the break, and not once during the game did he win it back from someone.

Substitutes: Giovani - 6.5, Zambrotta - NA, Bojan - 7

Real Madrid

Casillas – 6: A good reflex save in the first half to preserve Real Madrid's lead, but had a couple of slips after the break that needed some cleaning up.

Ramos – 7: Did the job against Ronaldinho, and was a menace every time he burst up the right.

Cannavaro – 6.5: Some great clearances and tackles, but also a couple of silly ones from the World Cup winner. Above average.

Pepe – 9: Absolutely superb from start to finish. Got the better of every Barcelona player, and even bailed Casillas out a couple of times. His best display in a Real Madrid shirt yet. Arguably his best display ever!

Heinze - 7: A solid defensive display. Gave little away, and was always willing to help the centre-halves.

Diarra – 7.5: He can look messy and crude when the ball is at his feet, but he is hugely effective when it is not. Made sure Barcelona did not have it easy.

Baptista – 8: Another great game in the middle of the pitch. Made his presence felt while defending, and was bursting forward every time Real Madrid went on break. Who dares drop him now!

Sneijder – 6.5: Was not as influential as his fellow midfielders, but not a bad display either. Swung a couple of tantalising balls into the box.

Robinho – 6: Did not see too much of the ball, but had a go at Puyol whenever he did.

Raul – 5: Had one of his quietest El Clasicos in memory, seeing precious little of the ball, but still ran selflessly and tirelessly.

Van Nistelrooy – 7: Worked ever so hard for the team, constantly troubling Marquez and Milito. His flick to set up Baptista was golden.

Substitutes: Gago - 6.5, Torres - 6.5, Robben - NA.

Watch the goal here.

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SolskjaertheLegend said:
cant believe Barca lost. Well dissapointed with their performance. insteafd of been one point behind, they're now 7 :eek:

Too me now it looks like its R Madrids title :(
Id have to agree unless something remarkable happens in the new year.
Ronaldihno looks pretty poor and unfit these days and they just seem to really lack the spark when Messi is injured.
Hopefully they can turn it around in the new year.
Madrid deserved the win. They fought hard and scored a great goal by Baptista.

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Schuster tacticly destroyed Rijkaard and I have to say I'm surprised Real didn't score few more goals.Well deserved win for Real,they are playing great the whole season while Barca are playing poorly and without Messi they don't have the idea how to score goals.Respect to Iniesta who is playing incredible this season and with Messi he is holding Bacelona at ONLY 7 points behind.There is no doubt that Barca's game will improve but I think it will be too late.
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