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Defence: Been very happy with the Back 5.....
they have all been quality this season.

Midfield: Ronnie with 30 goals has saved us on many a day.
Anderson has been particularly impressive against the big teams in his
debut season. Fletch has been great though he has only played a few.
Deserves more chances.

Attack: Tevez has been excellent as wll. Fighting hard for the team
and coming up with crucial goals.

So Ive been happy with those 8 players.

Disappointed with Nani, Rooney, Giggs and Saha for his injuries,
though not really his fault.
Nani has got loads of assists etc etc and scored some lovely goals....
I do realise this and though his performances have been getting much better
he goes and infuriates like he did against Pompey. He has wasted so much
possession and balls this season.
Giggs needs to get his skates on. He is a legend but has been a bit
anonymous Im afraid to say.
Rooney has had some great games but equally he has had some awful
games. You gotta love a tryer but some of the chances he misses are criminal.

I expect Rooney, Saha, Hargo, Scholes and Giggs to come to the fore
at the end of the season. They will be the big players(defenders aside)
and the ones we need to play well.

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Rio, Vidic and Brown

As fas as I am concerned all of those have had great seasons. Players such as VDS, Rooney Giggsy etc. have all been good, but not quite lived up to what they can do. But there's still time, and who's to count out Wazza from getting 8 in 8 in the league and firing us to the title. Or Edwin performing heroics like he did at the end of last season to carry us over the finish line

Overall, I'm happy with the squad and I wouldn't say anyone has disapointed me too much

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Young reserve guns...i was hoping they go a little further in the League Cup like Arsenal did with their youngsters..

Goalkeepers - None

Defenders - None

Midfielders - None

Strikers - Rooney: I was expecting an awsome season from the boy least equal to his 20+ goals from last season..he went on that run in november and I was like YES!! but after that he hasn't scored consistently...30m striker and inconsistency is not what we hoping for a better season next season from him...he gets and creates chances...he just has to take them more often

Saha: INJURIES!! He is one of my fav strikers and when on fit can score vs anyone!! I simply love him but the injuries are just too much

These are the 2 that really just did not live up to my expectations but besides that everyone in the squad has done a good job. I mean 1st in the EPL in the hardest season yet and Quarter Finals of the CL at this late stage of the season just says enough. We should be there in the FA Cup but I blame the ref for that, not the players. The defence has been solid. Rio and Vida have been excellent as per usual and evra has been awsome and Brown has done extremely well with the absence of Gary Neville. People like O'Shea, Pique, Simpson who have come in when needed did really well do so the defence has been great as long with all our keepers who perform well and consistantly.

The midfield has been very competitive and have created chances in every game. Anderson has been a great signing as well as Nani who has scored crackers as well as getting loads of assists in crucial games. Ronaldo's goal scoring stats speak for it self and our central midfield look much more solid than last year and can cope with injuries really well.

The striker department is where we need to improve. We miss a clinical finisher like Ruud and we need to buy one asap in the smmer. Tevez has been excellent and Rooney has done well BUT when 1 gets injured like vs Bolton and vs West Ham or vs Man City we cant seem to score enough and we seem to lose the game and we cant depend on Saha and remember we did have 4 strikers in 99. But overall, our squad has performed really well and I just hope they keep it up till the end of the season!

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Impressed with-----
Tevez-He has not scored much but better than rooney has.....he has been really good this season and runs everywhere and works very hard for the team..
Ronaldo(of course)-No need to say anything about him i think...everyopne knows
Anderson-he has been a really good the whole one expected him to play like this im sure....he has surprised everyone with his quick adaptibility to the english game.....
Evra-he has again been consistent the whole season like last year...and he has been very good attacking &
Fletcher-he has surprised everyone i think with his perfomances this season,eventhough they were few and far between......he has been a dog in midfield for us....he will improve if he gets more games i think
Disappointed with----
Rooney-he has not been good in front of goal eventhough he creates a lot of chances for others...he is a striker and he has to score a lot of goals....but he is an icon fo united and one of the most important players for us...
Saha-as usual his injuries restricted him from playing games for us....but he is a great player and if he gets rid of his injuries he will certainly improve....
Giggs-he has been struggling this season IMO.....maybe he is feeling pressure with nani in the team who is told as giggsy's successor...he just has lost pace and with him and schole in midfiled we become wuite slow....
then i dont hink many have been very disappointing much.....carrick has been inconsistent.....other than that we have our new players who are yet to adapt to the english game like hargo and nani...
the players i think will fire at the end of the season will be tevez,rooney,saha,hargreaves and scholes to fire at the end of the season....
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