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Defence: Been very happy with the Back 5.....
they have all been quality this season.

Midfield: Ronnie with 30 goals has saved us on many a day.
Anderson has been particularly impressive against the big teams in his
debut season. Fletch has been great though he has only played a few.
Deserves more chances.

Attack: Tevez has been excellent as wll. Fighting hard for the team
and coming up with crucial goals.

So Ive been happy with those 8 players.

Disappointed with Nani, Rooney, Giggs and Saha for his injuries,
though not really his fault.
Nani has got loads of assists etc etc and scored some lovely goals....
I do realise this and though his performances have been getting much better
he goes and infuriates like he did against Pompey. He has wasted so much
possession and balls this season.
Giggs needs to get his skates on. He is a legend but has been a bit
anonymous Im afraid to say.
Rooney has had some great games but equally he has had some awful
games. You gotta love a tryer but some of the chances he misses are criminal.

I expect Rooney, Saha, Hargo, Scholes and Giggs to come to the fore
at the end of the season. They will be the big players(defenders aside)
and the ones we need to play well.
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