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Impressed with-----
Tevez-He has not scored much but better than rooney has.....he has been really good this season and runs everywhere and works very hard for the team..
Ronaldo(of course)-No need to say anything about him i think...everyopne knows
Anderson-he has been a really good the whole one expected him to play like this im sure....he has surprised everyone with his quick adaptibility to the english game.....
Evra-he has again been consistent the whole season like last year...and he has been very good attacking &
Fletcher-he has surprised everyone i think with his perfomances this season,eventhough they were few and far between......he has been a dog in midfield for us....he will improve if he gets more games i think
Disappointed with----
Rooney-he has not been good in front of goal eventhough he creates a lot of chances for others...he is a striker and he has to score a lot of goals....but he is an icon fo united and one of the most important players for us...
Saha-as usual his injuries restricted him from playing games for us....but he is a great player and if he gets rid of his injuries he will certainly improve....
Giggs-he has been struggling this season IMO.....maybe he is feeling pressure with nani in the team who is told as giggsy's successor...he just has lost pace and with him and schole in midfiled we become wuite slow....
then i dont hink many have been very disappointing much.....carrick has been inconsistent.....other than that we have our new players who are yet to adapt to the english game like hargo and nani...
the players i think will fire at the end of the season will be tevez,rooney,saha,hargreaves and scholes to fire at the end of the season....
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