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VDS 7 Wasn't tested. Caught the ball today ! yay !

Neville 7 Finding his way back step by step. Nice vision for some passes , good crosses.

Ferdinand 7 Solid

Vidic 7 Solid

Evra 9 Brilliant. Bag of tricks , nice skills also. Looked pleasing to the eye. :eek:

Ronaldo 7 Still a little rusty could have score more than once with a bit more luck. Getting back to form

Fletcher 8 Great , industrious and hard working

Anderson 7 A bit sloppy with his passing ,Solid

Park 7 Good workrate , could have done better

Tevez 6.5 Quiet. Gave ball away easily. Poor

Berbatov 6.5 Quiet first half looked better in the second once Rooney came on


Scholes 8 Class :)

Rooney 8 Excellent. Worked well with Berba and What a goal !

Nani 7 Needs to improve his descion making. PASS ! You need a team to win
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