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PIG: Did ok, but he spilled a shot which could easily have cost us another goal. 6

Rafael: Poor defensively, ok offensively. The winger tore him a new one tbh. 6

Vidic: Monster. Won everything in the air, and the ground today. He's beesn our best player this season IMO. 9

Evans: Probably his worst performance of the season. Did ok though, but a couple of mistakes could have cost us. 5

O'Shea: I like O'Shea, but the last few games his touch has been that of a racist. Notice how many times the ball comes to him and his first touch either puts us under pressure or it goes out for a throw? His 2nd touch is always a tackle. 3

Nani: He tried harder than most and was the only one who really looked a threat, although his end product wasn't there, from open play and set peices. 7

Scholes: Very poor. He's looked good since his return so maybe this perofrmance was to be expected. 4

Anderson: Another one who was poor. His passing was off, as was just about everything else. 5

Gibson: Played out of position, but was still woeful, even when he came into the middle. 4

Tevez: Looked jet lagged. Very poor and lacked his normal workrate, which is 90% of his game. 5

Wellbeck: Pretty shocking tbh. I don't think he had the ball under his control once. Still, he's just a kid and you expect the odd shocker. Aslong as he plays ok in his next game then its ok. 3

Carrick Did he even come on?

Rooney: meh.

Ronaldo: Nearly scored but other than that was innefective.
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