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Player Ratings vs Derby

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Pig - 6 - Not that confident looking.

Rafael - 7 - Played quite well despite being caught out a few times.
Vidic - 9 - Rock solid. Great block in the first few minutes. captains performance.
Evans - 6 - Shaky at times but made some good tackles.
O'Shea - 6 - Better 2nd half.

Gibson - 6 - Kept it simple but made little impact.
Anderson - 5 - Terrible today.
Scholes - 5 - Also not at the races.
Nani - 5 - frustrating as usual.

Welbeck - 5 - Didnt get a sniff.
Tevez - 5 - jet lag? speculation?

Subs:- 6.5 - made a difference but couldnt force a goal.

Team performance - 5 -
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-zuco- said:
Again, the whole team plays crap and someone singles Nani out for special treatment.

Our fans are a ****ing joke at times. If I was Nani I'd want to leave because the treatment he gets from our 'fans' is so unfair.
Agree Zuco, the whole team were crap...... this forum is full of idiots!!!
Keano! said:
Agree Jazz...

But for Nani the same rating as Tevez and Scholes...

Nani - 3.5

I read a few other sites on Nani, and almost all want him sold, dropped...and one wanted he shot dead, with a further shot just to be sure....but that's harsh TBH:p

Not my words....

This is the funniest rating i've ever seen, so your trying to say Nani was worse than Tevez, Tevez barely completed a pass tonight, Nani was also better than Scholes.

I find it sad why people give UNTRUE ratings.
Lets terminate Scholes contract, he was so bad tonight.... oh an against "a championship side"!!
Keano! said:
Would Nani get in Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenals team.....ha!!!
And i suppose Ngog and Bendtner would get in our side.... ha!!!
antdevil78 said:
yeah but this season he needed to kick on a develop on the good season he had. Problem is that he hasnt.

Tell me the last United player to have a good debut season to then fail as badly as Nani has done
John O'Shea.......... and he is still here!!
1 - 5 of 68 Posts
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