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germufc said:


Zuco, put down your signed copy of 'Nani:My Autobiography' now come on we know he's your fav.

Let's all call it a night before this gets out of hand. I'm wrecked tired after watchin that Nani fella do nothing for 90 minutes. Shocking player. Just shocking.
Don't worry we have the new Serbian guy. We also have Park who plays on the same position. The good days without him on the pitch are coming.

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Yeah, sorry lads, were all United fans here. Well do this crowd at OT anyway, forget about that result. Come on the reds.

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Jazz 16 said:
now now lads. Members are just expressing their opinions.
Go check the matchday thread. Everyone is saying that Nani was crap, cos he WAS.
I know the whole team were bad, but you cant knock people for slating Nani.

thats what I was saying to you's before the game......
You say that even when he plays unreal. Like last week against Southampton..... :confused:
Even though he was shocking tonight. Cant take that away from him.

Stretford Ender
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-zuco- said:
Good shout.
he should have been sold years ago. think only reason we held on to him is cos he has this cult status among the fans.

that is the only exception and imo a "jack of all trades, master of none" type of player

Arse Bandito
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Pig-5- shaky, caught out a few times and rescued by some stops from the defence

rafael-6-again looked to bomb forward, and again got caught a bit at the back. i recall one magnificent tackle, but he had an interesting match up against the derby winger.
vidic-8-whilst everyone else was busy doing nothing, this man took on the armband and relished the challenge. can't remember him making a mistake, solid as usual, and bailed the keeper out with a last ditch challenge. My MOTM
evans-7- another assured performance from the young man. is an able deputy at centre back, doubtless will have many happy years at old trafford. solid, with a clearance off the line, the only noteworthy point.
o shea-5- typically hardworking but no invention. evra can't return soon enough.

gibson-6- tried to avoid any limelight, played simple balls, fine.
anderson-5- not at the races today. none of the tenacity and power that we are used to seeing.
scholes-5-scholesy himself will be disappointed. got tackled for the first time in donkeys years and blazed a couple of shots over.
nani-5.5-at least tried to offer something different. needs to do a fair bit of work on decision making.

tevez-5-you could tell he'd flown around the world. no omnipresent running, getting in people's faces.
welbeck-5-didn't get much service, and was unsure of how to go about finding a solution

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Since there seems to be a debate about Nani going on in here, first of all let me say, that i have always been somewhere in the middle on him. I do not think he has as much potential as possibly versa made out to be that he was the next coming of ronaldo, i never thought he was or had the potential to be that good.

As for him being complete waste, i dont believe that either. I would like to see him here for another 2 years after this season and if he has not progressed by then, then sell him, but surely people can not want him gone already.

Jazz makes a good point of attacking midfielders/wingers...there job is to try and create goals/chances and score. So why on earth does park get defended so much? He cant cross, he cant finish, he cant driblle, he can do a nice short pass but at this stage of his career, all the things he cannot do will never come to him because its not natural. Nani can and will become a better played than park because he can cross, shoot, finish, dribble etc, he just needs to do it more consistantly and then people would fear him. Ofcourse its much easier said than done and u cannot say just because he has the potential to do these things, he will fullfil that. Nani has been here for abourt 18 months, and park for many years. Can someone tell me how many goals park has scored and created in his whole united career in comparison to nani? It would be quite interesting to know and i know there are some good posters on the stats in here, so i know someone could find out. Nani in terms of wingers and potential, there are not MANY of his age who are better in terms of potentially being a potent winger. There are some better but not many.

Today Nani was easily our best attacking player in the first half..possibly the only one who tried and looked a threat. He was invisible in the second half, but he never really got the ball!

Sorry rant over...i do agree with zuco/red dave on this that nani is a player who has potential, far far more than park, if he fulfils it. I also agree with jazz that he needs to get playing more consistant but i think today he was not really that bad.


KUZ - 4 - never trusted him on a single cross!
Rafael - 6 thought he lost the ball far to often, did not play good balls either, misses having the insurance of rio around
Evans - 7 Some of his defending was brilliant, gets turned at times though, but looks a very bright prospect
Vidic - MoM performance for his defending, would be great if he had rio with him though as he pushes the team forward and organises us better. Our midfield was way to deep today.
o shea - 5 not too bad, just offers zero going forward. Shows how good evra is.
Gibson - 6 thought he was pretty rubbish on the right to be honest, got one or two decent balls in but nothing at all. Definately not a right sided player, wont make it at united either with fletcher being a fergie fav now too.
Scholes - 4 shocking, thought he did nothing, cannot play with anderson either, they were both wayy too deep.
Anderson - 4 - Worst performance i have seen by him in ages, he was soo deep at times, it was a joke. What is he being told to do, he is NOT defensive midfielder, his passing is best in the opposition half, final third as are his runs. He was soo deep today and playing silly long balls.
Nani . 7 for first half. 4 for second...he was the only attacking player doing anything in the first half but was invisible in the second. id give him a 6 probably overall.
Tevez - 5, did try and do his usual running but nothing came off, pretty poor to be honest.
Wellbeck - 4 Was terrible in the first half, the times the ball came to him, he was either half asleep, not on the same wave length or looked a lil awed by the situation. Did not get much service either but on this form, he deserved none.

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