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Player Ratings vs Villa

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Be interesting to see how people saw this match.
Let the debate begin.:D

VDS - 7 - Couldnt do much for the goals. Made a nice save first half.

Neville - 5.5 - The lack of games showed. Looked off the pace.
O'Shea - 7.5 - Made some timely interceptions and was marvelous when moved to CB.
Evans - 7.5 - Played well and mopped up when needed.
Evra - 6 - Another poor game, which is strange. Not great going forward or defensively.

Nani - 5 - Dear God..........thats all Ill say.
Carrick - 7 - Didnt influence the game like we know he can.
Fletcher - 9 - Demon today. All over the pitch. Closed them down. MOTM.
Ronaldo - 8 - Didnt look great today but when you score 2 goals how can you criticise? Viva Ronaldo!

Tevez - 6 - Looked tired and messed up a few times in possession but boy does he have heart.
Giggs - 8 - Still the master. Plays the game at his pace. Joy to watch.

Macheda - 8 - YESSSSSSSSSS I love this kid. What a goal!!!!
Welbeck - 6.5 - Had a good chance. Wasnt on long enough to influence game.

What are your ratings?
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What's with the shoddy ratings for O'Shea?
He gets overlooked so much, even when he does play well.
When he went to CB he was unbelievable.
He wasn't at fault for the 2 goals either.
He was miles ahead of Evra and Nev yet got similar ratings in some cases above :confused:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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