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VDS - 6 - Let in two goals but was solid otherwise.

Neville - 6.5 - Made some quality tackles but hes not a centreback.
O'Shea - 7 - Another solid game from a solid player.
Evans - 7 - Same as above.
Evra - 7 - Played well, despite what other people here say. Worked the left hand side but did make quite a few mistakes.
Nani - 5 - Another below par performance. Looking more and more like hes going.
Carrick - 7 - Did his best but he cant pick the passes when his strikers are behind him and his wingers wont make the runs.
Fletcher - 8 - Another quality game from a quality player. Mr Consistency. United legend in the making? Would love to see him at OT for the rest of his career.
Ronaldo - 7 - Two goals only just made up for his consistently lacklustre performances. Goes absent for 80 minutes but still manages to appear and give the goods. However, if he suddenly goes goal-shy he might find quite a few people on his back.

Tevez - 4 - Worst player by far. Lack of quality and the attributes he relied on failed him again today. Doesnt matter if he runs all day, he is just too slow. His "strength" is exceedingly dubious aswell. Not nearly worth 30mil.

Macheda - 7.5 - Its hard to give subs good ratings because they didnt play for the whole game, but the kid is good.
Welbeck - 7 - Had a good chance. Wasnt on long enough to influence game. Quality showed when he almost scored with his first touches, something Tevez didnt manage in 75 minutes.
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