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VDS - 7 Little chance with the goals, but apart from that just an average game

Neville - 6 You could tell he lacked that match sharpness, but he really got the crowd going when he crunched Agbonlahor in the 1st half.
O'Shea - 7 Again another decent performance, consistently good throughout.
Evans - 7 Looked a bit shakey at times maybe due to him not having Rio or Vida next to him, however still did a decent job, hopefully he'll be in the running for PFA Young player of the Year :thumbsup:
Evra - 6 Hmmm ... still looks tired, he's been unusually poor the last 3 games.

Nani - 6 I really wanted him to play today, but just didn't get going, didn't think he should of been taken of but meh.
Carrick - 8 Decent game, did well defensively, and his passing was as per usual class.
Fletcher - 9 MOTM for me, defensively he did really well, made some crucial interceptions and got back really well.
Ronaldo - 8 Performance wasn't really there, but you can't fault the lad, he got 2 goals, 2 very good goals also

Tevez - 6 I didn't think he should of started after playing on Thursday night, thought we would of been better off resting him for the Porto game, and I was right he didn't provide us with much but work rate was still faultless!
Giggs - 7 Can't remember seeing much from Giggsy but still another decent performance.

Macheda - 8 Rattled Villas cage when he came on and made all the fans go mental with that goal ;) Hope everyone doesn't start thinking he'll be breaking the first team now saying oh Macheda to play every game now. But still what a debut eh ;)
Welbeck - 6 Should of done better with his chance but still was pretty effective when he came on.
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