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VDS - 7 - Was very assured, claimed loads of corners very well, ande made a great save from a free kick, nothing he could do about the goals.
Neville - 5 - His lack of matched was evident, was getting had off by Young and Agbonlohor at times, but I'm sure his fitness will return
O'Shea - 7.5 - Made some really good tackles in the first half, and did his usual job of not ever being the center of attention, just doing his job quietly
Evans - 7.5 - Had a solid game as we're used to with him
Evra - 6 - Not really happening for him at the moment, didn't offer alot in attack or defense

Nani - 5.5 - All the same problems with him as usual, not tracking back or effort at all, didn't really offer alot in attack but at least wasn't hogging the ball
Carrick - 6.5 - Just a run of the mill performance really, didn't exactly stamp his performance on the game, made a couple of makes but in fairness didn't do much wrong
Fletcher - 9 - Man Of The Match for me, worked really hard which influenced the crowd and his team mates, rarely gave the ball away, and when he got the ball he was doing things quickly and making the right passes
Ronaldo - 8 - A funny one really, had to give him a good score because of two excellent goals, he was otherwise quiet, until the 2nd goal went in then he suddenly became the Ronaldo of old for the last period of the game
Tevez - 3 - You wouldn't believe the amount of attacks he messed up today, he kept getting the ball, moving into trouble and losing it. Worst performance I have ever seen from him. Can't question his effort though
Giggs - 5 - His passing was terrible in the first half and not great in the second, but he came to life a bit when we needed him to when searching for the winner

Macheda - 9 - As far as debuts go, that was pretty perfect. He came on, and was understandably a little nervous in his first touches. But after that, he was moving very well, and getting the ball and laying it off to people well. And what a goal. He's 17, he comes on for his debut, scores an injury time winner in the stretford end in what could be the defining moment of the season. Stuff dreams are made of
Welbeck - 6 - Didn't have the time to make an impact. Had a good chance but considering it was his first touch infront of a very anxious crowd anybody could have missed it really
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