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Be interesting to see how people saw this match.
Let the debate begin.:D

VDS - 7 - Couldnt do much for the goals. Made a nice save first half.

Neville - 5.5 - The lack of games showed. Looked off the pace.
O'Shea - 7.5 - Made some timely interceptions and was marvelous when moved to CB.
Evans - 7.5 - Played well and mopped up when needed.
Evra - 6 - Another poor game, which is strange. Not great going forward or defensively.

Nani - 5 - Dear God..........thats all Ill say.
Carrick - 7 - Didnt influence the game like we know he can.
Fletcher - 9 - Demon today. All over the pitch. Closed them down. MOTM.
Ronaldo - 8 - Didnt look great today but when you score 2 goals how can you criticise? Viva Ronaldo!

Tevez - 6 - Looked tired and messed up a few times in possession but boy does he have heart.
Giggs - 8 - Still the master. Plays the game at his pace. Joy to watch.

Macheda - 8 - YESSSSSSSSSS I love this kid. What a goal!!!!
Welbeck - 6.5 - Had a good chance. Wasnt on long enough to influence game.

What are your ratings?
thats odd...

giggs 8 ? he played only the last 10 mins...other than that he has done nothing. lets be fair and forget he is a legend.

wellbeck 6,5 ? he played for a few minutes , missed an immense chance. he should have scored. that chance was a minus not a plus wtf...but ok, your opinion

other than this agreed, with ronaldo or macheda motm.
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