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VDS - 8 - could do little about the goals but looked strong when called upon

Neville - 5 - struggled with villa's pace although got in good positions to block out attacks
O'Shea - 6 - played better when moved into RB although struggled in the air
Evans - 7 - strong as ever still struggled with the pace
Evra - 6 - struggled at times but did ok coming forward

Nani - 5 - just didnt get into the game, even my faith is going in him :/
Carrick - 6 - didnt really pick his passes like normal carrick
Fletcher - 8 - best player on the pitch ran around like a bull dog
Ronaldo - 8 - got caught with the ball too many times one very costly, but made up for this with 2 goals

Tevez - 6 - i think jetlag got the best of him and also played with his back to goal too much :(
Giggs - 7 - start of the game passes wernt the best but, during the last 5 mins was a huge influence

Macheda - 7 - strong, fast, tall, skillful, and had the brilliance to score that goal, lets hop he keeps this up
Welbeck - 6 - had a few good chances would of scored if not for a great save, didnt get enough time
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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