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Player Ratings vs Villa

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Be interesting to see how people saw this match.
Let the debate begin.:D

VDS - 7 - Couldnt do much for the goals. Made a nice save first half.

Neville - 5.5 - The lack of games showed. Looked off the pace.
O'Shea - 7.5 - Made some timely interceptions and was marvelous when moved to CB.
Evans - 7.5 - Played well and mopped up when needed.
Evra - 6 - Another poor game, which is strange. Not great going forward or defensively.

Nani - 5 - Dear God..........thats all Ill say.
Carrick - 7 - Didnt influence the game like we know he can.
Fletcher - 9 - Demon today. All over the pitch. Closed them down. MOTM.
Ronaldo - 8 - Didnt look great today but when you score 2 goals how can you criticise? Viva Ronaldo!

Tevez - 6 - Looked tired and messed up a few times in possession but boy does he have heart.
Giggs - 8 - Still the master. Plays the game at his pace. Joy to watch.

Macheda - 8 - YESSSSSSSSSS I love this kid. What a goal!!!!
Welbeck - 6.5 - Had a good chance. Wasnt on long enough to influence game.

What are your ratings?
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Van Der Sar- 7.5. Was the best player for us in the first half, dealing with some tricky efforts. Second half was suspect for Agbonlahor's goal, getting caught by the flight of the ball.
G.Neville-6.0- Completely destroyed by two individual moments of brilliance from Carew... Pretty poor comeback from Gaz
O'Shea- Was good in patches and put in 2 or 3 important challenges throughout the course of the game. Fergie's decision to switch him to the centre for the second half certainly turned the game imo.
Evans-8- Really thought he was great today. Threw himself at everything at the box. All most scored on two ocassions...
Evra-7- Forced the pass back and made a vital intervention near the end of the 90 minutes, to save our bacon.
Ronaldo-8.5- Lively in the first half, but slightly in the second. Yet again his ability to produce the unexpected digs us out of a hole. On his day, certainly the worlds best player.
Carrick-6.5- His performances have certainly dropped of late for some peculiar reason. Was put to shame by Barry in all fairness....
Fletcher-8.5- What can I say, the lad is an absolut warrior, my first choice Centre Midfielder at the moment. He seems to have that determination that Keano used to have in the centre of the park and provided that essential"bite" for us today.
Nani-5- Anybody who has read my posts here know that I WAS a fan of Nani. When he has played this season, he has shown glimpses of his class. But I really don't think he has what it takes to cut the mustard here. Needs a brain.....
Giggs-7- We saw the best and worst of Giggsy today. His passing was either fantastic or shocking, luckily we weren't up against a top 4 team today...
Tevez- 7.5- Hustled and harried. For someone who played in La Paz during the week, he certainly gave 100% and he was useful today
Welbeck- 7- Showed good determination, unlucky with Friedel's heroics....
MACHEDA- Man of the match. Two-1 down, he comes on, brings a much needed urgency to the team and scores an unbelievable winner .... Get in...
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