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Ok , I realise I may have seemed a bit negative recently and I've also been a bit abusive. If I have offended anyone then I am sorry. Being accused of being a closet dipper hurts. My new approach is to try and analyse things from both the positive and negative perspective. I wonder if we all need to do this. The problem seems to be that we are getting grouped into camps that are either seen as negative moaners who jump on the back of one bad result or blind faith optimists who say everything will be ok.

The truth probably lies in between and I've been as guilty as anyone of hastily putting people into one catagory or the other. Ok , the current situation.

Positive - The 2 week break is good for us as it gives Liverpool a chance to lose momentum. It's like a half-time whistle that comes at a bad time for the team that's playing well.

Negative- It would be nice to get things out of our system quickly

Positive - United do have a fighting spirit and have been here before and know how to deal with it.

Negative- We seem to have become angry and desperate rather than grittily determined and confident.

Postive - Form comes and goes and things can only get better and they will.

Negative - Are we closer to figuring out what went wrong? and how to put it right?

My take on what's happening is that we haven't been in sparkling form for a while now. Results don't bother me , what does bother me is form. We have been grinding out solid results in the PL for a while now without really reaching the top gear and not conceding goals was seeing us through. That's left us for a while and we haven't coped well with it. Fergie will figure it out though.

My feeling is that we have been playing results based football rather than just playing. One thing I have noticed this season is how we have tended to be very conscious of the score (particularly when 1-0 up) . This is a more European way of playing. When Liverpool went 1-0 up versus Real they just carried on and on and ripped into them. They just carried on playing. When we went 1-0 up versus Inter we just seemed stop and think about the score too much. My solution would be to tell the team to just play and keep playing and the results will come. We need to get back to playing without fear and keeping teams down when we have got them down.

Positive - We have the best team and the best manager and Liverpool will get more nervous if they get too near the top.

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Good, well balanced post.

I agree with your assessment. United haven't really been hitting top gear and, to be frank , seem to have been playing in third gear for most of the season.

Our defence have secured us narrow victories, which made up for the lack of attacking salvos, BUT just like any imperfect system, from time to time we do get caught and we did get caught out.

I still think we should recognize the results Fergie has been able to grind out inspite of some players under-performing (maybe due to fatigue, conplacency or ego).

He's made the best of the situation and turned a 7 point defecit into a 7 point lead (before the Lvierpool game) within two and a half months.

For me, the yung players like Nani and Anderson haven't been performing to their best, which you really need when you are a team competing on all fronts.

Also think that Carrick and Ronaldo have looked tired of late and let's be honest, Fergie is not perfect either. I was alright with his team selection against Liverpool, but found Rooney's omission from the starting line-up against Fulham quite puzzling.

Of course that day, Fergie was let down by the players and an unexpeted Scholes red card, but when why take the risk of leaving out Rooney when an immediate win after the Liverpool loss was necessary?

On the topic of squad balance, I think we need more fire power on the left wing. I am a big fan of Park, but he's not a Lee Sharpe or young Ryan Giggs, so really would love a left-footed, pacy winger who can cross as a summer acquisition.

Also wouldn't mind a striker in the RVN mould - even if it means sacrificing Tevez.
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