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RussianArmy said:
There has been alot of negativity about the Derby match, only scoring 1 when we expected to score 6. But there are positives to take from the match. Ben Foster in goal made some critical saves, particularly the save from the Miller shot was a world class save. The main positive for me was to see Ronaldo being played as our main striker. I have been saying for a long time that of the forwards we currently have at the club, he is the one best suited to playing as the main striker. He is tall and strong in the air so he offers a target in the box for the wide players to cross to, Rooney or Tevez offer no aerial threat. Ronaldo is also the best finisher we have at the club. Another positive was that Saha came off the bench and looked in decent shape, he made a difference.
ha ha try and tell arsene wenger that;)

throughout the game on the shoutbox i was telling people that when we play not so good but scrape the win, thats what sets us apart-aka champions' hallmark:)

Im sure that it was Alan Hansen that said (and rightly said) that out of the title chasers, if all are going through a rough patch united will pick up more points.

Saying that though....
I didn't think we performed badly against Derby. The chances we created were incredible. It should have been 4-0 by half time. SAF is right what in what he said after the the moment we are charitable in front of goal.we MUST be more efficient with chances/goals ratio in our next two games which are very important against Bolton and Liverpool.

With Rio rested the defence was always going to be a little more fragile than usual as the partnership with Vidic was broken...BUT Ben Foster showed why he is in contention for the number 1 shirt, not just for united, but for england.

We just need shome shooting practice at the moment thats all.;) There is NO need for panic in my opinion

Obviously this has to change but when it comes down to the crunch (squeaky bum time) i think we have the advantage.
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