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There are couple of positives to take from the game definatly.

Ronaldo did miss a few chances yes, but he kept picking himself up and eventually got the winner.

We created a lot of chances and even though we only took one of them, surely with an in form Ronaldo and the likes of Tevez back in there, we are bound to score more in the games coming up.

It was good to see Giggsy shake off his knock and be back out there

Obviously Foster coming in and doing well is a huge plus.

But probably the biggest positive to come out of it all was that we got the three points to put us top of the table with only 9 games to go. Surely if someone had offered us a victory by only a goal, but Arsenal to slip up we would have taken that over a 6-0 thrashing of Derby and Arsenal to see off Middlesborough yesterday?
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