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I'll try to cut the rhetoric and get to the point.

There are a couple of areas that could throw up some challenging situations in the season ahead and I hope Sir Alex has all his bases covered, as he usually has.

Let's start with the Squad;

Edwin vander Sar has been our best keeper since the great Dane, but had a couple of wobbly displays last season. He's still a good keeper, but age is catching up with him and he flapped at a couple of crosses and miskicked the ball quite a bit.

That leaves us with Ben Foster and PIG. I'm quite a fan of Ben Foster and thought he was excellent at Watford. He made some fine saves in his only performance last season against Derby and he's a tremendous prospect, but still in experienced and not yet the finished article.

PIG is decent cover.

If Foster doesn't develop the way we hope, that position could be a problem area.

Left back
A lot of people have been talking about the need for a right back, but we have Neville, Brown, Hargreaves and Simpson in that area versus Evra and Silvestre on the left. John O'Shea could do a job there, but doesn't necessarily fill you with confidence does he?


If (touch wood) Rio or nemanja were to get a lengthy injury, it would mean Wes Brown playing at CB and I would prefer to avoid that situation. Pique might have made a few blunders last season, but over he did well whenever he played.

Hopefully Evans will get some chances and use the opportunity to prove himself at OT.

Right midfield
Thisis only a slight worry, because we have several players that can play in that position, but Ronaldo is out till Ocober and while he is an ungrateful brat, he still is our player.

Having one of our best players out, for three months is definitely not a good thing and I'm thinking Fergie should move to cover that area. If Ronnie stays we have more quality and if Ronnie leaves, we'll already have his successor at the club.

This topic has been debated endlessly and the team could use a tall, strong centre forward. Berbatov and Huntelaar have been heavily linked, but as yet still no signing.


Well we need anew assistant manager, don't we?


The amount of games we'll be playing next season we'll give Fergie the chance to rotate. Now this is a good thing, but Fergie has to be spot on about the depth of quality.

Rooney's driving and the how to get the most out of him.

Fergie admitted at the end of the season that he still hasn't figured out how to get the most out of Rooney and I hope he finds out soon and that Rooney will be alive to take advantage of it.

Our finishing and general decision-making

We missed a few sitters and some of the younger players made some bad decisions in and around the final third of the pitch.

They held on to the ball when the should have passed, passed when they should have gone it alone and vice-versa.

If the playes don't improve on their decision-making a lot of chances are going to go begging.
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