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Good post mate, but apparently the reason VDS's kicking was off towards the end of last season was because he had an injured groin.

Our defence
I think the defence is OK, providing Gaz can maintain a high level. Wes Brown is good cover for Rio and Vidic so I have no worries there, except if Neville gets injured/loses his ability. For LB we're fine as we have the best LB in the world, plus Silvestre who I think is stupidly underated as a left back.

I'm glad Pique's left though. I have no doubt that he will become a quality CB, but his pace and mobility is a massive weakness for a Premiership defender. His game suits La Liga a lot more. I remember in the home match vs Arsenal that Hleb just skipped past Pique so many times due to the latter's lack of mobility.

Our Centre Midfield
I don't think anyone can seriously say we aren't well of in this department. We have 5 quality CM's who all offer something different. We have so many different partnerships there that its gonna be interesting to see which one gets the most time.

Our wingers

I think we're fine here aswell. obviously we've got Ronaldo on the right, and Nani/Giggs on the left with Park as cover.
I actually really liked Hargreaves on the right last season, it reminded me of Beckham in that his crossing and energy are brilliant. With all the competition in CM hargreaves might find himself here a fair bit.

Providing we get another striker we're fine there aswell. I love the Rooney - Tevez partnership and with a decent break behind him I think Tevez will be brilliant this season. We also have Saha who can play the role of 4th striker plus Campbell, Wellbeck and Manucho providing they all stay with us.

obviously the Assistant Managers job is up for grabs and that will be interesting to see who gets there.

I think the problem with Rooney is that his best position is in the hole, but in the big games we don't play with an 'in the hole' type player. But I think the Rooney of today is better than the Rooney a few years back, its just that when he first joined he was more of an impact player, like Ronaldo is today, but these days he creates the attack. His finishing is shocking though.
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