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Total boredom has resulted in me thinking of possible corny headlines this season:

  • The Zoltan of Craven Cottage- Zoltan Gerarescues a point for Fulham
  • Hull on the Mendy - Bernand Mendy scores the winner in Hull's first victory after a barren spell
  • Pulis stoked with team - Manager Tomy Pulis ecstatic with his team after their first premiership win in 36 games
  • Common Sens save Stoke - Both goalkeepers Steve Simonsen and Thomas Sorensen are used in a game in which Stoke keep a clean sheet
  • Sagna serves up tasty victory - Bakary Sagna cores winner in London derby
  • Adebayor Simply Can't Score - Singapore Man Utd fans sing this lal night long as Man Uts thresh Arsenal
  • Err-on Ramsey - Young midfielder puts shot over the bar from 5 yards out
  • Gallas takes Mik out of Silvestre - Captain William Gallas given 3 match ban forr punching team mate
  • Steve Sits Well with fans - Aston Villa fans name Steve Sidweel Player of the month
  • "They are my Brad and Butter" - O'Neil hails his goalkeeping heroes for keeping 4 straight clean sheets
  • Ag-bangs-la-whore - Villa striker caught in parking lot sex scandal
  • Rafa picks a Barry - Spanish scum Benitez finally gets his target in January transfer window
  • Don't nail Ryan to the Shawcross - Manager pleads with fans to forgive defender for fatal mistakes
  • Santa Cruzes to X'mas party - Blackburn win during the festive period
  • Paul spills the ball - Another calamity for Paul Robinson
  • Toney Kanes the opposition - Blackburn defender scores winning goal
  • Dave Can't get his Kits on - Striker Dave Kitson struggles to wear his shirt after taking it out to celebrate his only goal of the season
More to come later......

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Good thread RFR! :p....

I won't embarrass myself trying one :eek:.....but keep 'em coming. Some really good ones there!
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