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So, with Jose Mourinho having left by mutual consent according to Chelsea and reports - Attention will now turn to Chelsea getting a replacement. Who do you think are the possible candidates?

Guus Hiddink and Fabio Capello - is one of them possible replacements? Are Chelsea out of the title race? Is Chelsea's luck slowing and painfully turning?

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carlyluvsunited said:
That night Milan beat United 3-0 they would have beaten anyone in Europe - they were bloody brilliant and no excuse will make it better for us !!!

Back 4 injury - other injury blah blah blah ........ we got our butts kicked by a better team simple fact !!!

And Queiroz to be Chelsea manager ????

Why not ???

He has plenty years work with Kenyon - he is friend of him - who would have said Kenyon would leave to join Chelsea ? No one - so who will say say Queiroz wont leave for Chelsea ???

I think this is big possibility for sure.........:p

At full strength, United would beat Milan. United can beat anyone when they want too! If United had had a fully fit defence last season for the second leg of the Milan match we would have kick some Italian ass!

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therichone said:
Why are people saying he is a World Class Manager? He proved so far this season that when he doesn't get the money to spend, he is rubbish.

On Sky Sports News, the managers are saying the Premiership will be a sadder place without him. Why? All he ever did was moan and made excuses. I think it's great he has gone as he was so arrogant (in a bad way).

Managers are agreeing that he is "The Special One" because he won 2 Premierships in 3 seasons, and if that is the case, what is Fergie? "The Greatest One"?

When the going got tough and the owners got on his back, he was out the door like a Scouser to the dole queue. The great managers have stayed when under pressure to deliver, and rebuilt great teams over and over, like Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger.

He won the Championship when both Manchester United and Arsenal had begun a rebuilding phase, settling in the new players, and when United had rebuilt we swooped in and won the Premiership, leaving Chelsea and Moaninho in our dust.

What exactly makes hima great manager? Can somebody please tell me what were his key assets for people to claim he is a world class manager? Here are some that I have though of:

Making Excuses
Constant Complaining
Extremely Bad Loser
Spending money
Buying rubbish players
Stupid facial expressions
Boring football
Grey hair
Long coats
Lame jokes
Over-rating his players
Not playing Arjen Robben

Thanks for the memories José, shame I don't have any worth remembering

Lets look at this shall we?

Brown - Best centre back at the club
Fletcher - best player for Scotland who currently top their group ahead of WC finalists France and Italy
O'Shea - Not my favourite player but scores importnat goals and can play awhere on the pitch important squad player.

Not too bad. Now lets look at Mourinho from Chelsea's academy?

Err no one. But if we are counting players he (or a previous manager) bought then:

He's help J Cole become a more rounded player and helped him learn that he had to track back.

He turn Lmapar from adecent midfielder into a player that can no longer play in midfield and can only shoot (though he is a very good goalscorer).

He turn Terry from a promising young centre back into a defender that can't defend and can only attack aerial balls.

He put SWP's England career back by 2 years.

And help put the final nail in Duffs career.

But all these players were bought after they turned 21 (except Terry who was over 21 when Mourinho came in).

Count them and you have to count Rooney, Ferdinand and Hargreaves for Fergie, not to mention both Nevilles are still regulars...

Oh and you can credit Fergie from turning a light weight diving machine Ronaldo into one of the best and fairest players in the world...

The first line I have highlighted I think you are mixing that up with Arsene Wenger.

The second one - you are spot on.

The third one speaks truth, he has produced no talent of his own and did buy everyone!

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carlyluvsunited said:
Moaning - everyone moans
Making Excuses - he try to keep team morale up
Constant Complaining - ALL managers complain
Extremely Bad Loser - any sportsman find defeat hard to accept
Spending money - Fergie spend money too
Buying rubbish players - Fergie has too
Stupid facial expressions - agreed, lmao
Boring football - Errrmmm...only boring if you DON'T support Chelski
Grey hair - Distinguished looking - I would consider a date with him. he he he
Long coats - agreed - these coats are a bit rubbish
Lame jokes - he is Portugese and they dont make good jokes
Over-rating his players - most of them are pretty good agreed
Not playing Arjen Robben - pffft...........
The first one is defiantly not true, some are able to accept defeat.
B - he is old enough to be your dad.
c - Long Coats - Hello! FERGIE!
d - Lame jokes - just because where he is from! Lame excuse more like it!
e - stupid facial expressions - thats just pure ridiculous!
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