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Pre Season: FC Seoul v Manchester United

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Friday at Noon.

Team News:

Hargreaves is out of the game completely while Nani should come on as a sub in the 2nd half.

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SolskjaertheLegend said:
Will this be Nani's debut or did he play the other day?

Anyway, im hoping for a result where we score loads and concede none :D. 4-0 or better!
No Nani didnt play the other day, he's carrying a little injury from the Under 21 tournament. This will be his debut. Im looking forward to seeing him in a Man Utd shirt...him and Ronnie should be dynamite together !!!

I'll think we'll do um 2-0 !!!
Matt16 said:
how long is harg out for?
People are saying that he wont play on this tour...maybe he'll make his debut againt Inter Milan at OT !!!
Busby Boy said:
Great game to make your debut in, Inter at Old Trafford.....
yeah it aint bad is it...:)
1 - 3 of 50 Posts
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