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Pre Season: Port Vale v Manchester United

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Right, for those who havn't seen my newcomer thread, Im a Vale fan.

I have had a look round the forums for a thread on this, but it would seem that you lot are not as excited about this as me :)

Port Vale - Coca-cola league 1. Finished mid-table this season. We play at Vale Park, which has a 20,000 capacity. Our most famous fans are Robbie Williams, and Phil Taylor.

The last time we meet was in the FA Cup, And man utd were lambasted for fielding a 'weakend' side out against the vale. If i recall the stats correctly, it was Beckhams Man Utd Debut, as was it Paul Scholes' and Gary Neville made his second start for you.

It is only a pre season friendly, but we havn't had a big team down vale since we had liverpool a few years ago.

Just coming on here to say, try and make it down, it isn't a great distance manchester > stoke on trent.
Ticket prices are £10 adults, £5 concessions, so we are expecting a big crowd, which may possibly turn out to be the biggest crowd that we will have all season. Tragic - I know.

Anyway, What sort of team d'you reckon man utd will bring. I know it wont be many of the stars, but i would love to see a few of em.
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Listen its Port Vale not Corinthians or Boca Jrns or Barcelona ect! Port Vale, that team that Robbie Williams is a fan of, that team that in comparison to Inter Milan who we play at a later date look like scrap metal. No offence, but come on, we had bigger fish to fry and boy we've fried before! A certain AS Roma!
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