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1st Man Utd : Hard Competetion with Arsenal
2nd Arsenal : But they will loose
3rd Loserfool : exsited about ngog i say 20 or more
4th Everton : they didnt loose any player and they look sharp in the market
5th Chel$ki : overrated manager and overrated old bums
6th Spurs : no bebratov no keane no bent NO STRIKERS :eek:
7th Portsmouth : good manager good players
8th Citeh : go on sparky
9th Aston Villa : no barry no melberg this may cause some problems
10th Westham : all english XI can work well , and lets not forget noble and ashton
11th Newcastle : keegan will try and dream
12th Sunderland : go on keano
13th Middlesbrough : dunno
14th Wigan : some new good players and keep the old players = good team
15th Blackburn : no sparky
16th Hull city : with campbell they can be good
17th Bolton : not sure if they gona be relegated or fulham (have good goalie btw)
18th Fulham : not sure if they gona be relegated or bolton (murphy & healy are class)
19th Stoke : dunno
20th WBS : 100% we gona hear **** off to the championship song
1 - 2 of 2 Posts