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1. Man Utd (will lead from xmas)
2. Arsenal (close but falls of the gas near the end)
3. Chelsea (manager not a club manager)
4. Everton (capable of beating the pool)
5. Liverpool (if thye loose torres or gerrard there doomed & will focus on CL )
6. Villa (great manager and young team)
7. Spurs (if they get strikers)
8. Portsmouth (really good manager and clever team)
9. Man City (with sparky they could do well)
10. Sunderland (go on keano)
11. West Ham (not a bad team)
12. Blackburn (ince could do well)
13. Fulham (if they can score)
14. Newcastle (will have about 12 managers)
15. West Brom (best team from championship by far)
16. Wigan (will struggle with oldish side)
17. Stoke (could scrape through)
18. Bolton (megson is a joke)
19. Middlesborough (i hate southgate and there type of football)
20. Hull (no chance but more of a chance than derby ever had lol)

hopefully well see another team break into the top four, as for united i think were just a little to strong but it will defo be tight i cant wait for it to all start
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