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CarlitoTevez said:
How dare you! Hes a Good Partner with me
:p ;)

Quite funny actually.

But back on topic, I think Ronaldo will win it, but Rooney doesn't deserve to be on the list.

I hope 4 Man Utd players win the awards but I think it will be;

UEFA club goalkeeper of the year: Petr Cech (Chelsea),

UEFA club defender of the year: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) or John Terry (Chelsea),

UEFA club midfielder of the year: Michael Essien (Chelsea)

UEFA club forward of the year: Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

I think Van Der Sar, Ferdinand and Ronaldo deserve it, but somehow I think Terry and Cech may end up winning it, no matter how little they deserve it.

PS - You forgot to highlight Vidic's name in the Defender list. ;)
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