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I must be only the CL otherwise Cassillas would be in there.

My pick would be:

VDS: Kept us in the game vs Sporting away, brilliant save vs Roma away, steady in the CL semis and of course saved THE penalty.

Rio Ferdinand: BCBITW - thats it really. His perfomances in the 1/2 finals and 1/4 finals were incredible. Played well in the final aswell (vidic should be in it as he missed the 1/2 finals and most of the 1/4 finals - great in the final though)

Cesc Fabregas: Say what you want but he had a brilliant CL campaign. He ran the show vs Milan and was very good vs Liverpool. (Didn't he win it last year? Scholes should have definately won it in 06/07)

Cristiano Ronaldo: I don't really need to explain this choice.

abojodeh said:
in the Final Vidic played better
Ferdinand was about to score an own-goal
imo Vida should win it, but the judges would choose Rio cuz hes the captain or something like that
Vidic missed both semi's and most of the 1/4 finals though so you can't give it to him. Rio was eceptional for the matches vs Roma and Barcam Vidic was only amazing vs Chelsea - a game in which Rio was also very good in.

I'd be interested to see what any none manutd fans think though as obviously we're all biased.
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