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Premier League agrees Asia link

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Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore and Asian Football Confederation president Mohammed Bin Hammam have agreed plans for a link-up.

The organisations will work together at administrative and club-to-club level to forge closer links between the pair.

The move is seen as increasing the possibility of the Premier League playing a 39th game in Asia.

Bin Hammam said: "This is the first time for a league and a confederation to join forces."

I wish Scudamore would just **** off . :mad:

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Whattt?? never thought it would happen seems like such an absurd decision!
btw would the 39th game count as points?
Joke joke joke

the start of the end for the premier league soon clubs will realise there is more money to be made in asia before you know it there will a european super league and well be in it !
Why are people intent on ruining football?
I wouldnt be surprised if this eventually DID happen but it will be a sad day for football when it does. :(
There's a program on Monday nights here in the States called Fox Football Fone-in (FFF), and they've been discussing the inevitability of a European Super League for a couple of years now, and at first I really didn't buy into it, but it seems every few months we keep getting an inch closer. :mad:
I hope there comes a day for a European Super League.

It would show the F.A and that idiot Richard Scudamore.
PeeJay said:
I hope there comes a day for a European Super League.
Oh yeah, a great idea. :rolleyes:
Rip the 120 year old heart out of ENGLISH football and move it to Europe.

Why not change our name to European United while we are at it. :rolleyes:

Manchester is in ENGLAND and Manchester United play in Manchester (sort of lol ) in the ENGLISH Football League.

Tell you what....why don't we have one of these on our shirts while we are at it ??

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LMAO at the ship sinking :p
The day this happens is the day i stop watching the "Premier league". Enough is Enough.
The only reason this is happening is because of money. The Premier League has nothing to do with Asia, how long before franchises come in like rugby league and american football? The day where we play a league match abroad will be the final nail in the coffin for me.

Why should we bend over backwards for these foreign fans, if they want to come and watch us then travel over, They get enough on T.V as it is. The reason why Scudamore and his bum-chums are doing this is to keep the day-trippers and glory-hunters that now pollute our support happy. The reason is because they are willing to pay more money than us loyal fans who go every week, i have the up-most sympathy for anyone who has walked away but i hope they do come back eventually. Rant over.
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