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I think one of the reasons the Premiership does
better than Serie A is that every single Serie
A match is televised on Sky Italia, whereas
even with Sky and Setanta you still won't
watch all your teams matches. If you support
Birmingham you probably only get 10 matches a
year, so you have more of a reason to buy
season tickets and the like. In Italy, Inter
Milan filled their stadium once, against Utd.

The Roman Derby was nowhere near full this
year, the supporters' sections were quite
full but the other sectors were empty.

If less matches were televised more people
would go to see matches, giving money to
the clubs and seeing the clubs grow. Also,
I think it's something about the English language
that makes the Premier League so popular
in the rest of the world, English speakers
would probably rather see the Premiership
than Serie A even if they don't know anything
about football.

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I hate everyone giving out about theres so many foreigners in the PL. What about Inter. They have 1 Italian and a few years ago they fielded a team entirely of South Americans
Inter are the only team that do so.

If you look at the other big teams their cores
are all Italian.

Milan (Pirlo, Gattuso, Maldini, Nesta, Inzaghi)
Juve (Del Piero, Chiellini, Giovinco, Buffon)
Roma (Totti, Aquilani, De Rossi, Perrotta)

Then again, with Materazzi coming back,
Balotelli being Italian and Davide Santon
I guess that's three Italians.

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It's not established at all... where did you get the news ??
NOT A SINGLE MATCH was fixed...and everybody knows it

About your nick, are you south american too ??
It's said by people not able to speak a good italian, for who JUVENTUS is a too difficult word to speak

try'll learn
If not, take some lesson
Veramente "Rubentus" viene dal verbo "rubare".

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I think you're very much deluded.

Leave your house, go to a bar
and say "la Juve non ha mai rubato
niente". If you return home you're
a lucky man.

And I was stating the CORE Italian
players at Juventus, key word: CORE.

Iaquinta and Legrottaglie are not core.

And I don't watch Mediaset when in Italy,
the only Italian TV I watch in AnnoZero.

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Legrottaglie is not a core player ???.... He's simply the director of the defence
And Molinaro, Zanetti, Camoranesi, Iaquinta ??..
And what about the often starters Marchisio, Marchionni, and also De Ceglie and now Ariaudo ??

Let's stop, anyway .... OT
CORE. CORE PLAYERS. Often starters
are not CORE players, Camoranesi plays
for Italy but he's Argentinian. Remember,
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