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Premiership Goals Record

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I dont know if this as been covered by anyone else but ill just see.

I remember a few years back when RVN scored in 10 consecutive premiership games to break the record of consecutive EPL goals, The point i am making is How far is Ronaldo from equaling this record or even breaking it?
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thanks ha ha was a stupid post when i think about t ha ha he must have been closer to the record at some point in the season, its just that i haven't heard it being mentioned by anyone since RVN did it
wow i always thought that he was closer to it i knew he was only on 2 at the mo but i 4t his previous best was more than 3 :eek:

you live and learn
Drogba's goal last night was his 1st league goal since November :eek:

He may have come closer last season defo not since November though
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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