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Programme Help Needed

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Hope this is not cheeky as Im relativity new to the board but here goes. The reason Im a Red, as I said in the welcome room, is my uncle Steve is a life-long Red who got me hooked at about the age of 6. Steve's been a regular for many a year now and regrets not buying match day programmes, something I do with a passion, as he would always lose them when he did (mainly due to his alcohol intake). I've been working on making a collage of Manchester Derby programmes that I'm going to have framed for his 50th Surprise birthday party in June(no he doesn't use this site).

I have bought a few over the last few months from ebay, which is becoming an expensive habit so was wondering in fellow Red's may be able to help me out with this, I'm more than happy to pay a fee for any that fellow posters may have or make a donation to the site.

I have added a list of the Home Derby's since 1966 that I don't have and as you can see I don't have many but any help with these will very much appreciated


Joanne x

66/67: 17/09/66
68/69: 08/03/69
69/70: 28/03/70
70/71: 12/12/70
71/72: 12/04/72
72/73: 21/04/73
73/74: 27/04/74
75/76: 04/05/76
77/78: 15/03/78
7/980: 22/03/80
80/81: 27/09/80
82/83: 23/10/82
85/86: 22/03/86
86/87: 10/01/87 FA Cup
90/91: 04/05/91
92/93: 06/12/92
93/94: 23/04/94
94/95: 10/11/94
00/01: 21/04/01
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Unfortunatly I cant help you.

Sorry, but what I would like to say, is that your uncle is in for a fantastic birthday present.

Good luck, and I honestly you complete your collage.........:)
Thanks Keano, The frame has cost a bit but are hoping it will look good when finished although what I didn’t take into account was the various sizes of the programmes over the years
Try here:

Has a large collection of programmes from every season. I've ordered from them and it's perfectly legit.
Be sure to tell us about your progressing piece, and possibly post a pic of it! ;)

It sounds amazing!.....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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