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Even though the United States may think otherwise, soccer is the most popular sport in the world. And when each game if filled with tens of thousands of angry, drunk hooligans, it is important for a referee to make the right call in questionable situation. Adidas has teamed up with Cairos Technologies to develop a soccer ball capable of making snap judgment calls on whether a ball pass the goal line or not.

The ball is implanted with a device that creates electromagnetic field. It then transmits data to a central computer that can keep track of where the ball is at any given second in correlation to an electromagnetic pitch that the ball is being used on. This technology has been in the works for a few years, but it made its coming-out party has been at the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan currently going on. This will be the final test that will determine when, where and how the system will be implemented into soccer across the globe.

Given the nature of the game, this may not be used as often as, say, NFL replays are, but it is still a technology that can help make crucial, game alternating and most importantly, correct, calls.

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