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With the Champions League clash with Barcelona looming, players of both United and Barcelona are very tensed and are syain that no team is a favourite yet.

“It’s shaping up nicely but we haven’t won anything yet," said Van Der Sar.

"Some people say our name is already on the trophy but that’s not true.

"We still have a tough tie against Barcelona and then Chelsea or Liverpool.

“We can’t relax – the last month is going to be the most important of the campaign, so everybody will have to keep focusing and working hard and hopefully the rewards will come after that.”
Rio also had comments on the game
“We are confident, definitely," boomed Rio.

"People talk about them being the best side in the tournament but I don’t know.

“We have already beaten Roma and Lyon, the best sides in Italy and France.

"Barcelona, if you look at the league table, aren’t the best team in Spain and weren’t last season either.

“We know we’re playing a top side. People talk about ‘acid tests’ but each game is an acid test.

"Barcelona have great prestige and history but whether they’re the best team around at the moment, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Deco is had this to say:

"We need to be very, very concentrated because the United team is full of top-class players," warned Deco.
He also had comments about Ronaldo

"Obviously the most famous is Ronaldo, my team-mate for Portugal. He's a great guy and has been playing the best football this season."

"He's one of those players who demands respect from defenders. He's quite difficult to mark - but we can't get obsessed by him. Otherwise someone else is going to complicate our lives."

But some players like Valdes are not scored of United

"I do not fear playing against Manchester United, it is true they are going through an excellent moment but in 180 minutes of footb all anything can happen,"

"Barcelona plays better against big teams," he said.

"The fact the second leg is at Old Trafford is not a positive for us and our objective now is not to concede a goal at home."

Milito added that Barca had found out ways of stopping Ronaldo.

"We will stop Cristiano Ronaldo but not by kicking him, this week we have worked by looking at videos and my colleagues in defence are ready for him," Milito told

"Cristiano Ronaldo is a star but he is human. He is not always a success and it is possible he could have a bad day and that could be against Barcelona."

"The squad is ready for these two enormous matches. It will be complicated but the challenge is not impossible.

"If you analyse it, man to man, Barcelona is not so inferior to Manchester United. People say the English are favourites and that is a positive for us."

Gudjohsen had this to say...
"I would say to our fans that Manchester United also know about our quality and will be worried about us. There will be two great games of football in general because of the strength of both teams. We are conscious that we are going to have to step up a level in the Champions League," he said.

"They are a team that always want to play football and they leave more space that others. Liverpool or Chelsea, for example, are physically strong and do not have as much quality, but they sit back, stay compact and do not leave space. I would prefer to meet one of those two in the final," he continued.

Zambrotta said that the United game will be tough since they did so badly in the la liga

"It's important that Messi has returned, because the United game has our season at stake.

"We're experiencing difficulties in the Liga, but I think that things will be very different in the Champions League, and we're going to fight right 'til the end for the title."

there are more qoutes from barca players than united players(of whiich i could find)
you think they are desperate to show that they are more confident.....

PS:if this can be put in the news room it will be a great help!!:D
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