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Queiroz - We have a good chance
United assistant happy to avoid English opponents

Carlos Queiroz was happy to see Manchester United draw continental opposition in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

United will meet Roma in the last eight for the second season in a row, after avoiding Premier League rivals Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool in the draw.

The Premier League champions also encountered Roma in the group phase this term, and Queiroz admits there are up and down sides to facing the Italians again.

But United's assistant manager also feels there will be an extra-special atmosphere at Old Trafford due to tackling a non-English club.

Difficult game

"We should know them very well, but what is our strength is also our weakness because, while it is true that we know them very well, Roma also know us very well after they played against us so many times," Queiroz told Sky Sports News.

"I'm sure it will be a difficult game, as all games in this stage of the European finals are.

"I think we have a good chance. We know we can beat them and we know if we play well we have a good chance to beat Roma.

"We need to play against a team that is improving a lot. I saw the game against Real Madrid and this Rome team is much, much better compared with the team we played some months ago.

European atmosphere

"When you say it's a good draw, for me, it's more because we are playing against Roma, and possibly to play, for instance, Barcelona (in the semi-finals).

"It is more a really European atmosphere, and then it doesn't matter which team we are playing in the final, we just want to be there.

"Being in this side of the draw, the atmosphere of a European game is more there, it's completely different.

"I think from my perspective, and from the club's perspective, to play against a team from abroad is more what we expect when we talk about the Champions League.",19528,11945_3301264,00.html
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