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Welcome to the sight Fella :)

ManUnitedintheUSA said:
I'm new here but I loved MUFC. (as I'm sure everybody here does)
I have some questions regarding the EPL in general though:
-Does it ever snow for EPL games?
-On average, how many night games do United get?
-If you've never been to Old Trafford when's the best time to go? (See, I live in the southern part of the states and sometimes when we play our football down here people sit in 80 degree weather to watch the games. That's too hot for me)
-Also, If you're a young guy, where's the best place to go in or outside of Manchester to have a good time and meet ladies? lol :)
I want to come to England in 2010, and of course I'll go to a United game. Do they have travel packages?
It does snow occasionally for games in the Premiership but never really that bad. In recent memory no pitches have been covered in snow but there have been some snow storms during games, like we had against Middlesborough away last season.

United seem to have had a huge number of night games this season. At OT there have been I think 9 night games already this season. But this is only because we have had to re-arange some League games, have been drawn at home EVERY round in the Carling Cup :mad: and have played 3 Champions League group stage games.

I think if it's your first time at OT, then I would probably recomend a league game. Premiership games can virtually guarentee a strong side, and usually a good day. Also if it's your first time I recomend doing the stadium tour a day before/after the game so you get a proper look around the place and can do your megastore shopping etc. without a massive crowd around you. Not to mention it will give you more time in the pub on matchday ;) Oh and btw, don't worry about the weather being too hot for you in Manchester lol theres not much chance of that

And if your looking for a club, then you will have to look no further than the City Centre.

MU Travel will more than likely be able to sort you out with a match package but it can be a bit pricey as can most things associated with United.

Make sure you enjoy your day and remember never ever say 'Soccer' unless you want some harsh looks coming your way :D
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