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ManUnitedintheUSA said:
I'm new here but I loved MUFC. (as I'm sure everybody here does)
I have some questions regarding the EPL in general though:
-Does it ever snow for EPL games? Yes,but rarely
-On average, how many night games do United get? Alot,especially if we are in all the cups,these are usually banged on Mid-Week fixtures,also champs leauge/games in hand.the odd Sky Sports match is mid week too
-If you've never been to Old Trafford when's the best time to go? (See, I live in the southern part of the states and sometimes when we play our football down here people sit in 80 degree weather to watch the games. That's too hot for me)Theres no danger of the weather! Its more the 'getting a ticket' thats the problem,a 'lesser' team is your better option,but there are alot of guys on here who can point you in a better direction
-Also, If you're a young guy, where's the best place to go in or outside of Manchester to have a good time and meet ladies? lol :) Depends really...check out The Printworks on google,that has numerous bars/clubs packed full of manchester lasses....
I want to come to England in 2010, and of course I'll go to a United game. Do they have travel packages?Stephen should know more on this,he's the ticket master

I fail at giving info ,but heres my shout anyhow
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