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-Does it ever snow for EPL games?
I'd imagine so, given UK weather...​

-On average, how many night games do United get?
Keano's guess should be accurate. Every European game is played at night, so that's 3 at home and 3 away for groups stage, then potentially 9 more till the final. Of course, only 6 at the most are played at OT, the rest beeing away, and the final in a pre-determined stadium. I think every mid-week game is/should be at night, since people need to work, and all...​

-If you've never been to Old Trafford when's the best time to go? (See, I live in the southern part of the states and sometimes when we play our football down here people sit in 80 degree weather to watch the games. That's too hot for me)
Mate, trust me, in England, you'll be lucky to see the sun, much less be warm ;)
I've been to England a few times, and I think i saw blue sky for an hour, tops, and the sun, maybe 15 minutes...​
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