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I heard this yesterday, don't know if anyone else has heard it but it made me laugh.

Rooney, Ronaldo and Ferdinand are all brought up to heaven as god wants to know there beliefs about football.

God asks Rooney 'What do you believe in?'
Rooney says 'Well, I believe in the joys of football and it doesnt matter whether you win or lose, it's just playing the game that counts'
God agrees and gives Rooney the seat on his right hand side.

God then asks Ferdinand 'What do you believe in?'
Ferdinand says 'I believe that when you step onto that football pitch nothing else matter's to you'
Yet again god agrees and gives Ferdinand the seat on his left.

God then peers over to Ronaldo and asks 'What do you believe in son?'
Ronaldo says 'Well sir, I believe that you are sitting in my seat'
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