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Eamonn Dunphy: "Look back at the Liverpool of old, the team that Graeme played for...Graeme's won four Champions League titles."
Graeme Souness: "Actually, three, Eamonn."
Eamonn: "He's won four English league titles, then!"
Graeme: "Five, Eamonn."
Eamonn: "Whatever! It's not bloody Mastermind!!"
Eamonn Dunphy and Graeme Souness indulge in a bit of banter on RTE.

"I've learned that you have to score goals to win games."
Rafa Benitez after being asked what he'd learned from the Reading-Liverpool game.

I feel OK. The only difference is in training you have the press - and they want to come back home and sleep with you. They are just always there."
Barcelona striker Thierry Henry on his intimate relationship with the Spanish hacks.

"The fans certainly didn't expect to see 10 goals scored."
BBC commentator on the Portsmouth-Reading game. Surely 7-4 equals 11 goals?!

"A man down, they have everything to play for."
BBC pundit Mark Bright is not writing off the American ladies, especially when they've got some blokes playing for them

He's clearly not the player we saw playing for Inter Milan a few years ago."
Alan Shearer on Andriy Shevchenko...that's because he played for AC Milan!

"Happy Birthday to you!"
Aston Villa fans after Tottenham went 4-1 down to Villa on their 125th anniversary. "
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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