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Rahul said:
Benitez should stay at Liverpool. He has been fantastic at messing up when things have been going really well for the club. The reason why he is regarded as a great manager is because he has been a really lucky manager. He won the league with Valencia because of luck and didn't he have the luck of his life against Milan in 2005? As for the FA Cup win it was all because of one player - Steven Gerrard.

Take out Gerrard from liverpool and there won't be anything left and Benitez will surely not be able to do anything. He has been poor with his tactics and substitutions in the Premier League since he has arrived and they were just lucky to be on top till December because of verious results going their way.

After his comments at Ferguson he has made the biggest mistake of his life and we'll see Liverpool slide down to the familiar third position they are most suited to be in.

Rafa please stay at Liverpool!
i think thats the key question take ot gerrard and wat will be of liverpool. have liverpool got any players to replace this poo legend. i know in recent years players have come and gone but its not easy to replace a player of team passion and there isnt another player like gerrards passion at liverpool. No doubt gerrard will see his years out at liverpoo but they aint winning anything even if they had arab billionaires. its not money that brings success its players that want to play for the shirt and not the money first.
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