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Rafa To Sue The Yanks !!!

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The Daily Telegraph reckons that Rafa Benitez was so gobsmacked by Tom Hicks'
admission that he had sounded out Jurgen Klinsmann, that he is now considering
suing their socks off. Telegraph journo David Bond writes:

“Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez is understood to be considering whether to
sue the club's co-owner Tom Hicks after he made the startling admission that he
tried to line up Jurgen Klinsmann to replace him.

“Although Hicks claims the move for the former Germany manager was
an ‘insurance policy' in case Benitez walked out on Anfield, the Spaniard is now
weighing up whether he can take legal action against the Dallas billionaire for
constructive dismissal.â€

After it looked like the owner-manager relationship at Anfield had reached a nadir,
news of this barrel scrapingly atrocious situation comes out of the woodwork. A
manager suing his owners, surely a new low…
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If the rumours that he'll be given a £6m payoff if sacked are true then I don't think he'll be suing them!

It would be VERY funny if he did though!
Its like a soap opera over at ANFAILED and Im loving every minute of it :)
and so the comedy continues ,dont let it stop.
poor,absolutely poor.but,i would'nt expect less from them
lol this is funny...i dont give Rafa much longer at this rate
I liked the way Carragher said that the club doesnt need all the press attention and need to keep it to a minimum by releasing a press statement.
manager vs owner, who do u think will win?
come on, rafa!

A Martin Jol that didn't sue was sacked. A Martin Jol that wants to sue?!

Surely this must be the end of the road for Rafa-lution.

But I am not excited at all. I would rather he stays at the helm........

For after dropping points yet again, he goes, "we can still win the title..."

Absolutely nuts and delusional!

But that is what I call entertainment.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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