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raised pitch problem solving

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in the united milan game ronaldo and a milan player slid down the slope and buckled themselves on the ad boards, remember, was just waitin to happen and could have ended a hell of a lot worse. whats the thoughts on that and what do you think should be done to prevent any crazy serious accidents. it does help create a special atmosphere as their on a plinth but its gonna end in tragedy one day, foam skirting like a bowling alley maybe, instead of the red bricks, aii!
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It's a very good point u make. I've had many discussions with my mates over the years abt this problem, and I'm amazed that there hasn't been more accidents and injuries. IMO something should def be done to solve the problem, like u said foam or something, but sadly I don't think anything will be done unless someone suffers a serious head injury or something similar, as its all down to advertising nowdays and any safety measures would no doubt cover up or at least take up part of the advertising space.
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