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Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The unfortunate hing is that the incumbant will surely be a bigger ***** than Calderon.

Calderon set to quit,19528,11827_4799110,00.html

Real chief to step down

Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon is set to resign from his post with the Spanish giants.

According to reports in Spain, Calderon will tender his resignation on Friday after allegations were made about the club's accounts.

It is claimed that Calderon stacked a general assembly with fake delegates in December, in order to get the club's annual accounts approved.

Calderon said on Wednesday that he had fired two of his close aides and that he would not quit.

However, it appears members of the Real board have forced Calderon to step down.

Vice-president Vicente Bolunda is now on stand-by to take over the reins, once Calderon's departure is confirmed.

57-year-old Calderon, was elected to power in 2006 succeeding Florentino Perez, and he had already stated he was unlikely to stand again once his mandate was over in 2010.
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