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Ramos on the Right Evra on the Left

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]it will be more attacking with Ramos on the right and Evra on the left supplying balls for our Striker:D :D
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ManUtd19 said:
I don't want him with United next season. We can benefit more by selling him. Why would any United fan want someone who has disrespected the club to the level that Ronaldo has?

Firstly, you haven't considered that replacing Ronaldo with Ramos, Benzema and Kaka would be far more beneficial to the team. All of those names are plausible transfers in the upcoming weeks

you ignore what has been on TV being visibly said from RONALDO'S MOUTH
First of all, surely there is more benefit of keeping him. He is the worlds best player and then footballing aside, Madrid estimate he will be worth half a billion quid for them. They surely wont pay us that.
Secondly, Ronaldo has said, from his mouth (as you care to put it) that he will stay at the club. "I stay", in his great English. He has at no point said he wishes to be at Madrid next season, just that he cant promise on his future and he wants to play for Madrid one day.
Thirdly, a huge transfer kitty might not be so good. Benzema has pledged commitment to Lyon which is commendable and added to that he has only shone in the French League. Not enough for me. Malouda shone in the French league and frankly he is rubbish.
Milan have come out and said Kaka is not for sale and that he will stay at Milan for the entirety of his career. Now while that is a bold statement, it shows that we will not be getting him without a fight.
Ramos, I assume you would have him on the right. He prefers to play at centre back, a position we cannot accomodate him for and is a reluctant right back. If you watched the Spain game yesterday, he was hideously at fault for the goal they conceded. While I have not seen much of him, admittedly, and have heard good things, such fundamental errors have no place at Utd.

My point is, you are too quick to condemn a player that has done wel for us, and more importantly has adapted to the team and to the league. We all know that rashly bringing in a large number of players can upset the balance for one, and they might just not play well, be it because they arent as good as we think or because they cant adapt to the league.

And you shouldnt be so quick to speak against someone that has a difference of opinion to you. Thats the whole point of a forum.

We are building a side, a side that is still growing despite winning all there is to win. We would do well to add to that side without taking anything important away. Ronaldo has huge end product, and that benefits our other gems like Rooney, who benefits from less pressure to score goals. Finding someone to replace the end product that Ronaldo provides, 40 goals and God knows how many assists, will be no easy feat.
For me, a side minus Ronaldo and plus Kaka, Benzema and Ramos will be weaker. The balance will have gone, we'll have Ramos out of position and we wont be able to accomodate Kaka and Benzema in our side.
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I think MU19, that you might have been swayed too much by the Spanish newspapers. You cant believe every "quote" you read.
The nonsense about the Brazilian media was all made up, apparently, but theres as much truth in it as potential lies.
After all, his mother said that he would stay at the club :p
Robinho would be a terrible acquisition. He plays football for himself and thinks he is the worlds greatest. He is greedy and lazy, on top of that he is NOT the worlds greatest.
Wesley Sneijder WOULD be a great acquisition. He has talent, is young and has showed with Holland that he is very capable of performing in a mobile, attacking side.
Robinhos career will not last as long, because by 27/28 he will have followed all the other Brazilians before him who thought (rightly or otherwise) that they were the worlds greatest, into a life of partying and unfitness.
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